Woofstock Launch: "Doggie Doggelganger" High Tea at King Edward Hotel Sunday, June 6

Woofstock® Launch: ” Doggie Doggelganger” High Tea at the Le Meridien  King Edward Hotel on Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do dogs have celebrity alter egos? Elvis perhaps? Lady GaGa? Paris Hilton?  Some owners think they do.  To celebrate this year’s Woofstock launch, we’re hosting a chi- chi “Doggie Doggelganger High Tea to give 60 celebrity look-alike canines a chance to strut down the red carpet.  The King Edward staff will be putting on the Ritz for the 60 fetching dead ringer celebrity wanna-be’s, lavishing them with a spread fit for top dogs.  The pooches will strut their star charisma on the ballroom stage before an appreciative audience of fellow doggelgangers and their peeps.  If you want your dog to be one of the select 60 chosen to attend, join the VIP (Very Important Pooch) Club for free at www.woofstock.ca and enter your celebrity-wanna-be-pooch.

Woofstock 2010 Launch-Sunday, June 6 , 2010  From 2pm to 4pm Le Meridien King Edward Hotel, 37 King Street East, Toronto

Join the VIP Club at www.woofstock.ca to enter your doggie celebrity look-a-like!

Woofstock Info Line: 416.234.woof (416-234-9663)