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Canines is a natural progression in the dog-loving life of Bianca Kapteyn. Her journey has taken her from the dogs of New York jazz legends to the canine-friendly streets of Toronto.

The Canadian-born Kapteyn grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where fate delivered Judy, her first adopted dog, sealed in a box and abandoned in a trashcan. This rescue effort was followed by another. She found her second adoptee, Lassie, in Coney Island, cowering in an alley between an amusement arcade and a subway entrance. And when the late, legendary jazz composer and bassist Charles Mingus took ill, Bianca’s late stepfather, renowned jazz tenor sax player, Duke University Emeritus Dr.Paul H. Jeffrey adopted Brunhelda, Mingus’s German Sheppard.

A former fashion buyer, publicist, freelance marketer, and television producer, Bianca Kapteyn participated in the creation of Toronto’s Woofstock, the largest outdoor festival for dogs  anywhere. From its inception, hundreds of thousands of dog owners and their pet have converged annually  to sample products, participate in doggie fashion events and talent shows and to sniff.

Her television credits include Pet Fashion Television, where she was a producer/director and writer. Producing more than two-hundred stand-alone segments  Her film credits include Penny’s Odyssey (wardrobe), directed by Alan Goluboff ( MOW) and 2019’s short film Saint Lucy, directed by Kenzie Yango.

Meet pet expert Amy Tokic – a lifelong passionate animal lover and proud pet parent to Zed, her adorable Japanese Chin. With a wealth of experience as the former editor for PetGuide.com, Amy continues to share her adventures in dogdom, researching and reviewing products, and delving into health-related issues for fellow companion animal enthusiasts. You can catch her insightful articles on Canine Culture Inc. and her latest online blog, On ThatFluffingDog.com. Stay tuned for more tails of furry fun and helpful tips from Amy! 🐾


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