By Amy Tokic,

Three days of fun, sun and shopping at Target. But most of all, it’s about catching up with old friends, petting new friends, and scoping out all the new innovations and products at Global Pet Expo 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Here’s the scoop on the show and all the highlights we needed to share with you!                                                                                                                                                    

This year’s trend had to be collagen. Finding its way into treats and supplements, it turns out that collogen isn’t just for humans anymore. Collagen can help restore moisture and skin health, which promotes glossy fur, soft skin and strong nails.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love pet tech. And this 1950s spaceship inspired pet camera with treat toss by dokoo caught my attention. It features a high-definition camera for live streaming, two-way audio and treat toss so you can stay connected to your pet no matter where you are.


One of my favourite finds at Global was Lambwolf Collective. These super soft toys are designed to hide your dog’s treats – that baguette was serving modern style and adorableness. 

 If you’ve got Crocs, then your dog needs to be sporting the Charmdana from Wag Around Town. It’s made from rubber and lets you attach cute charms that match your dog’s personality.

Holy crap! Since your dog drinks out of the toilet, you might as well get him this hilarious water bowl from Bigmouth.

And of course, what’s a pet trade show without the furry friends? They were walking, strolling and being carried around the floor like they owned the place (and it’s true, they kinda did).

The underbite is everything!

Our spirit animal – we’re pooped too.

Photo Courtesy: C. Stoutenberg / APPC

Photo Credits: Amy Tokic.