Oh, for the love of dogs! Our relationship with them spans up to 25,000 years. Descended from the grey wolf, dogs are considered the first domestic animal. Our bond with dogs knows no bounds. We have enmeshed them into our culture.

We have consumed, painted, photographed, written, and filmed, dressed, chained, trained and changed them – because we can.  Entitlement or terms of endearment, call it love or obsession. Nature or Nurture, after millennia of togetherness, we are symbiotically connected species.

The documentary For The Love of Dog, examines subjects whose dogs are the central focus of their life. This lens-eye-view is focused on the intense side of canine companionship–a narrow window about a particular segment of society, with healthy or unhealthy personalities. Dogs play a significant social role in their daily lives, and in some cases, in their pathologies.

We meet Mama Hawk who declares that her puppy, Princess, “doesn’t lie, doesn’t steal and doesn’t stab people in the back.” A childless couple happily reads a nighty-night bedtime story to their little dog in her very own dolled-up bedroom.  A dog training professional and impresario leads his charge of amateur performers and their dogs in over-the-top- theatre. And a bereaved pet parent seeks answers from a reincarnation expert.

This doc shines a whole new light on the saying, “love me, love my dog,” and on a mindset in which canines become four-legged humans.

Airing October 19, 2013 | 8:00 p.m. ET

For The Love of Dog is produced by Omidog Productions Inc., a Portfolio Entertainment Productions in association with Shaw Media. Executive Producers are Joy Rosen & Lisa Olfman. It was produced by Dale Burshtein and directed by Sarah Goodman.