Cuddle Clones LLC, an online retailer of custom plush pet replicas and other custom pet products, has announced that it has launched its newest product – customhouse slippers made to look like YOUR pet.

“The Cuddle Clones team is super excited to launch this new and super fun custom product relating to fur children!” stated Jennifer Williams, founder and CEO of Cuddle Clones. “We’ll be showcasing and even wearing several pairs of slippers at Global Pet Expo in March 2017.”

About Cuddle Clones ( was founded in 2010 and creates custom plush replicas of people’s pets and most recently, slippers made to look like people’s pets. Other products include custom 3D-printed sandstone figurines and ornaments, custom granite and basswood memorials, and several other custom accessories and products. Cuddle Clones also recently acquired Cartoonize My Pet (, an online customization engine in which people can pick from several hundred base pets, tweak every little detail from eye colour to socks on the paws, to create their one-of-a-kind cartoon version of their pet. After adding accessories and themed backgrounds, the design created is then projected onto Zazzle’s product line, which includes more than 250 custom products such as gift-wrap, apparel, stationery and pet bowls. Cuddle Clones is headquartered in Louisville, KY.