To help celebrate, PetSafe®Canada  has has put together their favourite products to keep your furry friend from getting bored while you’re away at work all day.


FroliCat® CHEESE™ Automatic Cat Teaser                                                               An update on the popular laser pointer, the FroliCat® BOLT™ creates random patterns for your feline to chase. Set up the FroliCat® BOLT™ on the automatic settings just before you head out the door to give your cat some rigorous morning playtime. It will automatically shut itself off after fifteen minutes.

Froliat® CHEESE™  Automatic Cat Teaser                                                                     A peek-a-boo game for cats! Kitties are mesmerized by the two yellow mice that poke their heads in and out of a block of cheese. And with the “Play While You’re Away” mode, you can ensure your kitty gets playtime even if you’re staying late at the office.



FroliCat® CHATTER™ Automatic Cat Teaser                                                  Perhaps your cat prefers birds to mice? Also equipped with a “Play While You’re Away” mode, keep your cat entertained with a chirping, wobbling bird.

Funkitty™ Twist ‘n Treat™                                                                                         Make him work for his treats! Hide his favourite treats, catnip or dry food into the Funkitty™ Twist ‘n Treat™; the toy will dispense its contents in response to your cat’s level of play.


Eatwell™ 5 Meal Pet Feeder                                                                                               A well fed cat is a happy cat. This programmable feeder reveals five separate meals at the times you select, keeping your companion animal from overeating, plus providing scheduled nourishment throughout the day.