W O R L D   S L E E P   D A Y 

In case you were too tired to notice, on Friday is World Sleep Day (www.worldsleepday.org).

A call to action about the importance of getting  a decent night of shuteye. Here’s some titbit news: Canadians love their sleep, and apparently with their pets too, with a majority of pet owners revealing they love cuddling up with their furry friends in bed! In honour of the sleepiest day of the year, World Sleep Day, a recent survey conducted by Purina Canada uncovers the  snoozing habits of people and their pets, and they’re  pawsitively pawsome!


* More women than men feel comforted (60% vs. 41%) and loved (64% vs. 43%) when sleeping with their cat.

* Almost twice (46%) as many dog owners in Ontario feel safe when dozing off with their pet than cat owners (22%)


* The majority of respondents often hit the sack with their furry pal – in fact, 72% of Ontario cat owners and 54% of Ontario dog owners let their pet sleep on their bed.

* Cats in Ontario help keep their owner’s warm from head-to-toe, with 22% sleeping near their pillows and 40% sleeping near their feet.  Although dogs in Ontario are the center of attention with almost 1 in 5 (19%) falling asleep between their owners.


* Dogs and cats are both couch potatoes! With 86% of dog owners in Ontario and 91% of cat owners citing the couch as their pet’s most frequent spot to doze off.

* Cats have fashionista tendencies too – 75% of respondents in Ontario reported that piles of clothes are one of their cat’s most treasured snoozing locations, compared to 39% of dog owners.

*An online survey of 1678 Canadian Pet Owners from Purina Canada’s PetTalk Community in partnership with Vision Critical was completed between the dates: January 28, 2019 – February 4, 2019.

A good shuteye with your furball improves the human-to-animal bond, as Ragen McGowan, Nestle` Purina North America’s research scientist states, ” Spending one-on-one time in close contact with your pet can definitely improve the bond and connection that you share. Pets and people alike gain emotional support from each other and can help each other relax.”

Courtesy Dog Photo: Purina / thejokercze  Courtesy Cat Photo: Purina / Konstantin Askenov