I am so excited to share my adventures with you. Here’s everything I have been doing over the last while.

One of my must-do is to exercise twice a day in my local park. I run laps and play fetch. If am lucky enough, a couple of doggies will be there to play with.  Woof!

Like my sailor girl outfit?  I do. So when companies send me clothing, I always like to try them on for a few hours and see if I like them – If I do, they go into my weekly photoshoot.

I love my photoshoots! I always get lots of treats and I love being the centre of attention!


I also do corporate photoshoots, like for boy’s clothing.

To stay nice and fresh for photoshoots, I like to take lots of baths!

What goes great with baths? Naps! (at least five a day) I usually go out three times a week for events.

This one was with Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, who’s known professionally as The Weeknd promoting his new album.

I really dislike the cold so I get dressed up in a full snowsuit when it snows

And when things get really busy I like to relax by pretending to be a dinosaur, it’s my spirit animal… or lizard… a very sleepy dinosaur.

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Until next time, tarrah for now.

Pom Pom Chewy