More than 85 well-behaved dogs arrived at the pet-friendly Westin Habour Castle hotel for high tea on  Sunday, May 7. Presented by PetSmart, Woofstock kicked-off its 14th season, with an A-list doppelganger themed event sponsored by VitaLife.

Adorable canine guests dressed as celebrities for the occasion –  masquerading as Lucille Ball, The Weeknd, Andy Weiner Warhol, Gene Simons, Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady) and Frank Sinatra, Elvis and other celebs.

Lucy as Lucille Ball

Amber as Lady GaGa

Andy Weiner Warhol and companion

Pom Pom Chewy as The Weeknd & Sage as My Fair Lady

Westin as Gene Simmons / image Woofstock

A nice touch to the event was live entertainment by musician James C. Reaume performing as the guests arrived.

Musician James C Reaume

Pug enjoying the broth

The pooches consumed with gusto, hoovering special doggie treats, home made cookies and lapping up broth in china bowls on white tablecloths in proper high tea style.

Red carpet moment
Companions with Kirby.

Both dog and human guests shared a red carpet moment for photo opportunities and participated in a fashion show contest for Best Celebrity Costume for big prizes.

Woofstock takes place on May 27 & 28, at Woodbine Park.

Teanna Lindsay co-owner of Woofstock said “There will be plenty to see and do at Woofstock with the Olympic-style games, free lure courses, agility, doggie races, fashion shows and contests. Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin’ K-9 wave maker machine truck is driving all the way from L.A. and dogs will get free surf lessons.”

Janet Chau with Barnaby as My Little Pony