That great friend of animals, Audrey Hepburn was often described in the press as a “gamine,” which the dictionary defines as “a girl or woman of impish appeal.” Always chic, with a style sense that implied mischief, her spirit lives on in canine fashion with the launch of Molly & June, a new venture by Toronto–based designer France Simard.

Molly & June specializes in high quality fashion products for small dogs and offers discerning owners a marriage of elegance and function. Its reversible coats are made of high quality materials, ranging from wool and cashmere to eco-friendly fabrics, with no top stitches. The new company – which deals in limited edition and one-of-a-kind handcrafted canine clothing – will sell through an online boutique at

Molly & June’s distinctive line of designer originals for four-legged fashion hounds includes spring and fall creations, winter coats, raincoats and scarves. Company owner Simard blends knitting, embroidery and textiles, taking vintage fashion templates and adding tasteful contemporary twists.

Molly & June offers beautifully-tailored, fully-lined wool and cashmere coats for the cold winter months. All are lined with 100 percent organic cotton (ideal for dogs with skin allergies). The company also produces lighter coats and raincoats made from high-quality faux leather lined with 100 percent soft flannel, as well as silk and cotton reversible scarves for the milder months. “I design and make each item myself, finishing everything by hand,” says Simard. “Embroidery, hand-knitted collars, even tailored buttons – you won’t find any top stitching here nor any decoration for decoration’s sake.”

The Company is founded on two simple beliefs: (1) that dogs appreciate superior quality; they can feel the advantages – comfort, warmth, durability, ease of movement – in clothing that’s not mass-produced, and is meticulously tailored from the best materials to fit their unique shapes and sizes. And (2) that our four-legged companions have fashion sense. They see how people respond to them on the street. And they understand that when they look good, we’re happy, so they’re happy too.

That is the joyful spirit behind Molly & June. Named for the founder’s two best friends, it’s the company they’d have created themselves if they could have executed their ideas (and the bank had agreed to meet them). “When I use the term ‘limited edition,’ I mean it,” Simard says. “I have intentionally limited the number of garments I produce from each original design to no more than four per size. And some are one-of-a-kind custom creations made to measure. So the chances of running into another pooch wearing the same design are very slim.”

Molly & June products are available for purchase at or shopping by appointment 416.532.3595. Ready-to-wear fashions run from $90 to $180 for coats, with custom–designed items ranging from $120 to $250.