A Touch of Love® Inc., the “Day Spaw” for pets that has offered Toronto dogtowners such pet amenities as Therapeutic Massage, Hydrotherapy and Reiki, has now redefined the furry workout.

The innovation: Canada’s first-ever treadmill for dogs, a major advance in the battle against obesity among pampered canines.

Inspired by technology in use in the 19th century (when dogs and other farm animals played a part in mill work), this ingenious high-tech reimagining of the treadmill takes Fido on the most invigorating walk of his life – without ever leaving the comfy confines of A Touch of Love® Inc.

“It’s ironic that what was part of life for the overworked dogs of another era, is now a key part of the wellness regimen for this most loved and pampered generation of companion animals,” says A Touch of Love® Inc. president Shane Carr. “We’re proud to be able to reintroduce this technology with nothing but the well-being of our best friends in mind.”

A Touch of Love® Inc. provides pet pampering at it finest, and caters to the varied needs of pets in its Spaw. It provides techniques and methods to aid in healing your pet’s body, mind and spirit™.

When discerning pet owners enter the Spaw, the ambiance is set with soothing sounds of nature and calming musical tones expressly chosen for their companions. Warm scents of A Touch of Love’s signature aromatherapy gently waft through the Spaw, promoting a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Pampered pets are wrapped in a Spaw robe and led into the “lounging area.” The Day Spaw encourages a cage-free environment, promoting socialization and complete relaxation. Renowned pet guru/stylist Shane Carr approaches grooming with maximum love and care.