Earthpawz™ products launches  new pet friendly, toxic free cleaners designed to reduce risk of illness and negative reactions to pets while still being tough on mud, slobber and grime. Products are specifically formulated to clean doggie slobber, dirt and grime. The products are formulated with plant-derived ingredients, and are non-toxic and biodegradable.

“When we discovered that our pup was reacting to the toxins in the cleaning products we were using, we decided to look into true green cleaning,” says Taren de St Croix, Founder of Earthpawz™. “

The products are designed to not harm pets if they licked the window right after cleaning, or licked their paws after walking across a freshly cleaned floor.

“Earthpawz products have been formulated to be non-toxic, yet are highly effective on stubborn pet grime. They are toxic free, sulphate free, ethoxylate free, and preservative free.” M. Jeffrey, Chemist

earthpawz™ products

Dirty Dog – Floor Cleaner & Mud Remover

Doggie Slobber – Window & Glass Cleaner

Doggie Grime – Wall & Baseboard Cleaner.

Earthpawz™ toxic free cleaning products are conveniently available at local pet specialty retailers across Canada.

For more information, please contact Taren de St. Croix at [email protected] or visit: http://