Randy partners with 3-time EMMY® winning TV host and dog trainer Brandon McMillan who joins Lucy Pet’s goal to help pets live a healthier life. 

Randy Jackson and Brandon McMillan have joined forces to bring breakthrough nutrition to dogs and cats with Lucy Pet Products Formulas for Life™ pet foods. Randy and Brandon are headlining a campaign to launch sales on Amazon and Chewy.com and in select stores across the country.

“I love dogs… they are an important part of my family and give unconditional love,” said Randy Jackson. “Keeping pets healthy with the best food possible is everything, and I’ve recently learned that prebiotics are very important in helping dogs and cats live a healthier life. These formulas were developed by the leading expert in gut health, Dr. George C. Fahey, and I truly believe that Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ are the best you can do for your pet.”

Brandon McMillan added, “I have a training ranch where over a hundred dogs pass through every year. I’ve been feeding Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ food to every one of them for over a year, and the dogs have thrived. They love it and I love it because I know they are getting great nutrition. Good nutrition is a vital and very underrated element to a dog’s behaviour and brain function while being trained. What’s also important to me is that the sales of these foods help support the Lucy Pet Foundation, which has performed over 21,000 free spay and neuters in low income areas. Lucy Pet helps reduce pet overpopulation and the needless euthanasia of over 60,000 dogs and cats a week in the United States.”

Together Jackson and McMillan said, “We are proud to be associated with this cause and Lucy Pet because it’s the real deal… real ingredients…and Products with a Cause that truly saves animals lives.”                                                                 As the son of an animal trainer, McMillan was born and raised in the animal industry. When he was 18 he moved to Los Angeles to train animals for film and television. During this period, he worked on hundreds of Hollywood productions, training everything from tigers, bears, primates, wolves and of course plenty of dogs. In 2012 he co-founded The Argus Service Dog Foundation, a non-profit that rescues shelter dogs and trains them to become highly trained service dogs for disabled veterans. This can often be seen on his 3-time EMMY AWARD® winning television series ‘Lucky Dog’ on CBS. Brandon is also a trainer to some of Hollywood’s top A-listers. Some of Brandon’s extensive list of private training clients include: Ellen DeGeneres, Andy Cohen, James Caan and Kate Hudson.


“We are very excited to have Randy and Brandon join Lucy Pet to bring our Formulas for Life™ to pet lovers,” said Joey Herrick, President and Founder of Lucy Pet. “These foods have breakthrough nutritional advancements and will actually help pets build a stronger immune system to stay active and have overall better health. Their bodies will have long-term health benefits from a healthy gut, especially as they age.”