While at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in March, I product-previewed grooming mitts, bowls, water bottles, beds, placemats, etc. from Canadian-based Jascor Housewares Inc., designers in the upscale home décor category. They were showcasing their innovative, savvy pet-product portfolios: Messy Mutts, Totally Pooched and Totally Catty.

Chris Shipton, President of Messy Mutts, took some time out of his busy schedule to share his thoughts via email about the challenges of messy dogs and cats. Here’s what he had to say about their products.

CC: Tell us about your innovative products? 

Chris Shipton: Our line of hard goods (non-slip silicone base bowls, food-mats) runs from systems that catch spills to grooming item (chenille mitt) and travel accessories (travel water bottle & bowl, Messy Mutt microfiber travel towel) for managing your pet on the go. There’s also bedding with Everfresh® probiotic odour control technology.

 We also recently launched a raw food program (stainless bowl and silicone lid combo) to help with a pet parent’s busy lifestyle. It allows them to prepare their dog’s raw or dehydrated food ahead of time, featuring an airtight seal to keep food fresh, free of spills and mess-free.

CC: What is your brand’s DNA?  

All Messy Mutts products are tastefully colourful, stylish and most importantly help solve the challenge of mutts being messy.  

CC: What can we expect to see from your product lines in the near future? 

More greatness. We are always looking for solutions to fill customers needs when it comes to mess and style.   

CC: Tell us about your corporate philanthropic arm and its accomplishments?

CS: We are giving back through some of our clients’ initiatives. Shelter support is at the forefront of many retailers’ minds.

CC: What can we expect to see in the near future?

CS: We have almost as many dogs in our office as we do staff…on a daily basis.

“They are our inspiration.  It’s about understanding the customer’s needs. Are they concerned with the smell of their pet bed in their home? Do they worry about their pet’s comfort? We are constantly striving to create and design pet products that make both the owners and their pets happy and mess-free.”