What happens when you live in a condo, nature calls and your four-legged BFF has to answer? Pooch Patch has created a backyard-in-a-box solution to your dog’s elimination needs. It’s made of soft, real grass, making it an ideal solution for condo dwellers.

Here’s a Q&A with Pooch Patch founder Adam Taylor.

Tell us about your background?
I am the founder of Pooch Patch – a Canadian company that produces 100% real-grass potty-patches for dogs. Professionally, before Pooch Patch took over my life, I was an art director for one of Canada’s largest circulation newspapers. Personally, I have a Border terrier named Shanks and my fiancé has a Golden Retriever named Veronica.

Why this type of business?
I wanted a change from the daily deadlines and the seemingly never-ending grind of the corporate world. I wanted to start a business that I could call my own while putting a smile on people’s faces – a chance to step out of the pressure cooker and take a deep breath of reflection.

How did you get started in the pet business?
I love dogs, so I naturally stepped in that direction and filled a demand with Pooch Patch! My clients write to me all the time about how much their pets love the patch. Putting that little bit of positivity out in the world is rewarding.

Why living grass?
It’s simple, DOGS LOVE GRASS – it’s a fact! Grass naturally decomposes urine and controls odours, creating a very hygienic dog potty. It makes your space look great, especially, if you use one of our premium cedar trays. What’s even better is that you don’t ever have to clean it.

Do you know who your competitors are?
I have an American competitor – but I’m convinced people like to “keep it Canadian.” And I’m hoping there will be solidarity between my customers and the All-Canadian, Pooch Patch brand.

What have you tried that’s working/not working?
As far as advertising goes, I find word of mouth to be the best marketing tool in my toolbox. All I have to do is show up every week on your doorstep with an amazing product that exceeds expectations. The rest seemingly takes care of itself.

What animal are you most like and why?
I have to say, my dog Shanks is my spirit animal. We are cut from the same cloth – Scruffy, Scrappy, and easily excited about life! Keep calm and Pooch Patch on!

Pooch Patch  <http://www.poochpatch.ca/> > is the latest innovative product that offers comfort and convenience for you and your pooch. Each patch uses real grass that is harvested fresh, so your dog can “go” whenever he needs to at the comfort of  your home. Founded by Adam, and inspired by his Border terrier, Shanks, every Pooch Patch is made with every pawrent in mind. Pooch Patch is based in Toronto but delivers and ships to Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba.