Known around the world as the ‘Master Pet Couturier,’ and Women’s Wear designer, New York-base Anthony Rubio will be showcasing his one-of-kind creations on the catwalk on Saturday, April 15, at the Canadian Pet Expo in the International Centre in Mississauga over the Easter weekend.

Anthony Rubio has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Times, The Today Show, USA Today, Vogue Italia, MTV Style, TIME magazine, Glamour Magazine, Yahoo! News, MSN News, Woman’s Wear Daily, New York Magazine’s The Cut, Refinery 29, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated among many others.
Saturday’s showtime: 1:00 p.m. at the WestJet stage 



Anthony Rubio became the first pet fashion designer to showcase at New York’s Fashion Week in February of 2012. Mr. Rubio has been commissioned by Pepsi Cola Company, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, General Motors, EMI Records among many others.

As an advocate for pet adoption. Rubio created “Adopt Me Maybe?” adopt a shelter pet campaign. He started this campaign in an effort to promote shelter pet adoption verses buying a pet in a store. The “Adopt Me Maybe” pet adoption campaign went viral. Bogie and Kimba were the poster boys for the campaign.