an amateur dog dancing troupe, an aspiring director and a big idea…

UNLEASHED! A Dog Dancing Story directed by Justin Turcotte

Syndicado releases quirky canine documentary, Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story, for Europe, debuting in the UK on iTunes and Google Play (UK).

Ray Underwood, an aspiring, eccentric dog trainer/director and his amateur dog dancing troupe, Paws2Dance, mount a ‘Cirque du Soleil’ inspired production of dog dancing – heelwork to music as it’s known in the UK – and indoor kite flying in their first ever, nearly sold out theatrical gala performance at the Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey, BC.

The film follows Ray, and four Paws members over the course of two years as they write scripts, build sets, raise funds and rehearse to the point of exhaustion. As the tension mounts and the hurdles pile on, the resolve of these spirited dog owners – who all happen to be women – and their dogs is constantly tested. Meanwhile, a series of challenges pushes the director’s patience to the brink.

Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story  is a captivating look into the lives of those who dance with their dogs, not for fame, but simply for the love of it. It’s as much about the trials and tribulations of producing an amateur theatrical performance as it is about the amazing bond between handler and dog.

Director Justin Turcotte is a Vancouver, Canada-based filmmaker with a penchant for documentary craft. A graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Film And Video Production Program, Turcotte presently works as an offline editor with Emmy award winning Greedy Productions. Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story is Turcotte’s feature directorial debut.

“People go into (the film) wanting to laugh at it,” said Turcotte, “but you come out of it with a genuine admiration for what they do and how much passion they have, and how much respect they have for the art and the time they put into it.”

“You couldn’t have written an odder story,” Turcotte said with a laugh. “Nobody would have believed it.”

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Unleashed! Is available on iTunes and Google Play UK.!-dog-dancing-story/id1036173370?ls=1