Check out what I’ve been up to over the last two weeks!

I’m learning to skateboard! Of course I need my glasses in order to do it well…

This week I spend most of my time with my new friend Hamm.

I like to pretend I’m Godzilla when I play with my little boats at bath time.

But I much prefer taking a bath of pom poms.

Working on an oh natural photoshoot.

Bottled water is bad for the environment so I only drink toilet water.

Someone told me it rains cats and dogs but I much prefer it to rain spaghetti.

Shh.. I’m trying on mommy’s heels.

I love working with amazing dog brands like Bark Box. They do so much charity work. Use the code ‘pompomchewy’ to receive $5 off your new subscription!

I have over 20 wigs, this one is my favourite.

And last but not least my favourite food is Froot Loops! I usually dive into my bowl!


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