This loveable, adorable pooch has nearly two million followers on Instagram and his fan base keeps growing on all social media media platforms. Tuna took some time out of his busy ” Tuna Traveling Tour” across the United States with his beloved humans. His mom Courtney Dasher was kind enough to translate dog into human speak.

Where’s your favourite place to take a nap?
Tuna’s favorite place to nap is buried deep under a warm blanket on whatever human bed he can find.

How do you feel about squirrels?
Tuna loves to try and catch squirrels with the operative word being “try” but he definitely makes a valiant attempt.

Do you have a favourite TV show?
Currently I’m watching reruns of Friends on Netflix and Tuna stays under the covers, of course, but I’m guessing he’s listening while I watch, so I’d say Friends.

Who, according to you is the best-dressed dog, besides yourself in dogdom?
Definitely @mensweardog but that’s a given. He has the best style!

What’s your favourite smell?
I’m going to go with popcorn because he loves the taste of it, so I’m assuming he can smell it too!

What do you like to do most?
Tuna loves to sleep and travel. We take a lot of trips, and while we travel to each city, he takes a lot of naps 🙂


And finally, I understand you’re planning a trip to Canada, specifically Toronto in May –  what are your plans?
We are attending Woofstock! We will be there to meet Tuna’s followers and enjoy the festival. We will only be in town for a day but we plan to return again in the future so we can really experience Toronto. 

Courtesy Photos:  @tunawarmsmyheart