Hello Friends!

Chillin’ time with Netflix

Yay! We’re on a road trip to New York for me to star in a film!

Here I am on set with American actress Bebe Neuwirth in Sam Hoffman’s directorial debut ‘ Humor Me.’ A father & son comedy starring Jemaine Clement, Elliot Gould and Ingrid Michaelson,  Anne Potts.

Behind the scenes with my new best friends forever!

Finally, I got my own pair of jeans from Bone Vivant Pets!

I was invited to be one of the celebrity dog at this year’s woofstock

Taking a quiet moment before going to the celebrity tent

Celebrity tent @ Woofstock

As canine fashion model on the catwalk…

Running the fashion show!

Meeting all of my fans!  l love you!

Relaxing with my custom closets from www.PawsetCloset.com

See you soon!
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Thank you!

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